About Us

Universky is a MRO company focusing on technical supplies and service to energy, metal, chemical and transportation. Marine is our traditional market and we are the earliest company in China specialized in marine MRO R &D, sourcing and consolidated supplies in China. Our value is about stable and reliable quality, strong sourcing and supply chain service. Today, the company has thousands of technical products for marine and even some of them have been recognized by marine users for many years. Those star products give long-lasting rewards to our ship chandler customers. 

With the growth of LNG, chemical and new energy industries, the company is expanding and growing at an exciting pace. That brings not only chance to us but also to our clients and suppliers. The company has been national or regional sole distributor or agent like WOLF, WILDEN, MSA, UVEX, WD-40, CLIP-ON, NESTO, STAHL, SCHUCH, VYTYCH, ABB and SIEMENS etc.  

Because of the reputation of sincerity and professionals to our customers, the company was invited to join IMPA as 100% MRO distributor to marine but not ship suppliers, which is very few in China so far. Sincerity, Solution, Service, System are the company value. Our vision is being a leading MRO company helps customers’ success.


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